Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Beauty at Church: St. Lorenz Lutheran, Frankenmuth, MI

My sister did a wedding at St. Lorenz in Frankenmuth, and I got a chance to help her with it, she's a florist. It was really fun to help!

It was a gorgeous fall wedding and these flowers were paired with plum bridesmaid's dresses.

I had a couple minutes to shoot a few pictures with my iPhone.  Although I forgot to take a straight shot from the outside in front, I thought you might like to see this beautiful sanctuary and a couple side views of the outside of the building.

I tried to capture the best details for you, although a camera just can't do this place justice, you have to be there.  It's that kind of place, tall and stately, with a sense of history, a presence.

Enjoy looking at all the vivid color and wonderful details here.

GO here for a straight shot of the front of this historic building.  

It's a gorgeous old place...like nothing I've ever seen.

Frankenmuth is an old German settlement of farmers.  This church still holds a service in German!

I wanted to share this with you this morning.  (And we have our first snow of the season this morning!)  


Mary Ann Potter said...

It's such a beautiful church, and Frankenmuth is indeed a special place. Love these photos, Joni. I always enjoy visiting you up there in my old home state! I love NC, but Michigan still holds a place in my heart.

Valerie said...

Beautiful church indeed! Reminded me of my grandmother's church in Detroit...albeit a Catholic church, but same feel...and Mass was celebrated in Polish!

Love, love, love visiting Frankenmuth. Great childhood memories.

Earlene said...

Absolutley beautiful pictures!
I love going to Frankenmuth for the day.

Deanna said...

Gosh, that's a beautiful Church!

Judy said...

My mother's favorite church! When Daddy went hunting, she and I always went to Frankenmuth for the day and we always stopped to visit St. Lorenz. Frankenmuth is such a neat town!!! I love the clock tower at the restaurant. Made sure we got there just before noon to hear the chimes and see the figures.