Wednesday, May 16, 2012

June Bug's Journal

Well hello there!  It's me, JuneBug!  I haven't seen you in awhile!

It's evening here and the farmhouse, and my "day" is just getting started.

I'm quite the hunter.  

You name it, I'll hunt it.

And, I have quite the attitude.  

It's been almost three years since I came to live here.  I like it.  

Nighttime is the best time and I come into the garage in the mornings and sleep all day.  The warmer it is in the garage, the better I like it.


This is my "game face" and I'm after mama.  I have to go up to her and act tough when she wants to pick me up.  That way, she knows I'm THE BOSS.


Diane said...

I just found your blog, through Pinterest, and I LOVE it! What great pics you have and your country home is so welcoming. Only to happy to be following you my friend. Diane

Mary Ann Potter said...

Your cute post today reminds me of this saying: "Dogs have owners, but cats have staff." 8-) You and June Bug have a wonderfully blessed day there!

Anonymous said...

June Bug,
You are adorable and you ROCK!

aimee said...

Hey, June Bug!
Glad to see you are still in charge and making sure that your household runs smoothly:)
Mary Ann--loved your comment. Staff, yes indeed!! LOL