Monday, May 21, 2012

Granny's Quilt at Sunset

Granny's quilt at sunset.

A quilt is a lasting gift.

This one was from my husband's little granny or "momo" as he called her.

It's a simple nine-patch, all scrappy, just like I like 'em.

This has been ours for around twenty years now.  It has gone on many trips with us, after first serving as my son's bedspread for years.  It has seen the Smoky Mountains, the beaches at the Gulf of Mexico as well as the shores of Lake Superior and Lake Michigan...

Tonight I had no idea there'd been an eclipse, and I didn't spot it.  But this picture of beauty didn't get past me.  I called out to my husband on the way out the door with my camera, and told him to come take a look at how nice his granny's quilt looked against the sunset sky. 

This brought up a most pleasant conversation about the good memories he had of her, especially of her cooking and making his most favorite things in her little kitchen.

I must be sure to make some quilts to pass on to my babies and theirs.  

They last, just like the memories do...


Unknown said...

Joni, this quilt is awesome & breathtakingly gorgeous against the setting sun. Don't you just love touching the fabrics of the quilts that our g'ma or mother's made?

Nor did I know of an eclipse ... hmmmm.

Have a great day ~

Unknown said...

Beautiful! The simply quilt, with some food she made has made many a memory for your husband. We could all learn a lesson from this. It is not how much we spend, but the love we but into everyday life!

Sunny Simple Life said...

I would frame that picture. What a great gift that would be to family members.

Mary Jane Plemons said...

Joni, I love your quilt! Pretty pics, as always. You're such a good photographer.

I did inherit a number of antique quilts, one believed to have been made in the 1800's by my great-great-grandmother, and several made by my great-grandmother and her five daughters, including my grandmother. I am a quilter, too. I enjoy hand-piecing, hand-applique, and hand-quilting, so my "legacy" moves slowly...I don't have all the family "covered"(pun intended) yet!

A word on preserving old quilts: the old fabrics are fragile from age and use and fade very easily, so protect them from direct sun. Even strong artificial light can damage them over a long period of time. If they are on display, be sure the weight is evenly distributed over the entire quilt so they won't have too much strain on them. A sleeve basted along the top edge that holds a rod which is mounted outside the quilt edges (like a curtain rod) works well. The best place for them is spread out on a bed. If you store them, avoid a cedar chest, unless the quilt is wrapped well in acid-free tissue or a piece of 100% cotton. I use old cotton sheets or cotton pillowcases. They must be protected from prolonged contact with wood, since the acids will destroy the fabric. Refold or roll them to prevent permanent crease lines which will become weakened. If you must wash an antique quilt, use cold water and a mild detergent, using plenty of water and rinsing twice. Dry on the delicate setting or spread over a sheet on the grass, covered with another sheet, in the shade. If you put one on the line, try to hang it inside out, and in the shade if possible, and leave out only as long as necessary. Sun is their enemy.

I know all this seems extreme, but when you consider how many hundreds of hours the maker put into the quilt, plus the fact that each one is irreplaceable, it is worth it. On the other hand, quilts hidden away are no good to anyone, so try to reach a balance and enjoy sleeping under the is like the old saying..."it's like a warm hug" from the maker.

Mary Jane

aimee said...

What a treasure you have! I love using things that were my mom's, grandparents and those before them. They always bring back good memories:)
God bless you Joni.

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

Love your picture with the quilt on the line! You take such good pictures, Joni! Isn't it funny how many memories are wrapped in that quilt? Thanks for sharing.

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen