Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's Almost Time!

The PEONIES are coming!

The Peonies are coming!

The PeOnies are coming!

Soon, I will ask them to pose for some new pics for you. 

Think they'll come through for me? 

A little info on cutting them to enjoy inside the house.

Taken from:  Reader's Digest 1001 Tips & Tricks For Your Garden

"For displaying peonies indoors, select buds that are just opening.  The striking blooms will unfold in a few days.  And cut the stems with only a few leaves.  The plants need to foliage to produce food for the following year."  

A few more peony tips:
1.  If you need to move peonies, transplant in EARLY FALL.
2.  They like to stay put so choose location carefully.  A sunny to partially shaded spot protected from wind.
3.  Plant in autumn when the little red buds on the crown are visible.
4.  Use a green screen for support so that the plant will not snap in the wind.
5.  Support peonies (ours are all either cozied up in front of a shed or in front of a picket fence. they do not stand well alone. 
6.  You can add additional support by giving them a string fence, setting this up early before the buds break.


Unknown said...

Thanks for this information. My husband found some on sale a few years ago and brought them home. I planted them--never dreaming that all 14 would come up! My site was not the best and they need to be moved. Now I know when and how! Thanks.

Unknown said...

Oh, goody! Ours are nearly gone so I will get to enjoy yours now. Very good info for sure.

Have a lovely week ~

Lois' Laughlines said...

I LOVE peonies but have never grown them. I may try to plant some bulbs this fall. Thanks for the tip. I love your blog.
blessings to you.