Monday, April 23, 2012

Wearing Fun...

Sometimes, a new wardrobe isn't in the books. 
(In the checkbook, that is.) can be updated by adding some fun new bits of this and that to what you already have.

A gorgeous beaded cuff bracelet, works with many colors and my favorite--blue jeans!

Saturday morning, my son had an hour and a half basketball clinic somewhere too far from home to drive I found my nearest Kohl' you have a Kohl's, too?  I hope so, because every girl needs Kohl's!

Well, I had to go in, after all, they sent me a 30% off coupon!  

Well, I headed straight to the accessories department, and spent a whole hour browsing.  What fun it was.  A lot of their cute stuff was on sale, plus I used the 30% coupon and wowie kazowie!  Can you say BARGAINS!?

I have a couple versions of this shirt, worn for at least four years, and I still love them, of course, gingham is always tops in my book!  The contrast and trim on the cuffs and collar are lovely to me, as well as the velvet ribbon and red thread buttonholes!

I brought home some versatile pieces to work with some spring clothes I already had.

I'm no fashion plate, but I know fun when I see it!

Added some new sunglasses...

Bangle bracelets?  I don't like 'em, but a cuff bracelet or!

A little bit of retail therapy doesn't hurt a country girl every now and then!  

(Neither does perusing "pinterest" to see what other girls put together that I can imitate for outfits ... here's my board called "Fashion I Can Actually Wear!"...)

'Tis MONDAY again...have a great one!

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Mary Ann Potter said...

This is true fashion - buying and wearing what you love regardless of so-called trends. Nice post, Joni. Your Kohl's finds are delightful; one of my favorite sayings is, "Why pay full price?" Have a blessed and bountiful day!