Monday, April 30, 2012

Is It Monday Again? Cheery-O!

Good Monday morning to you!!

Swanky swigs are the name, cheeriness is their game!

I have these cheery little juice glasses in my kitchen windowsill to greet me each morning.  They shine their brightest on a sunny day, but even on a dull one like I was greeted with this morning, they still make me smile!

When I was a kid, we didn't have juice glasses, but grandpa did.  They always intrigued me, because I liked small things like I think most kids do.  

These little dears called out to me at a tiny little antique shop in a little cottage in Alabama one day, because they are primary colors and they look right at home in my red gingham kitchen!  

Hope your Monday is bright and that you have something to greet you each day that is cheery-o!


Amber said...

Very cute glasses! They look very similar to ones that my grandma used to own!

Anonymous said...

The glasses are so pretty! They would cheer me up every morning, too!

E said...

When I was a kid our entire selection of drinking glasses was a jar of some type ! But the tiny jelly jars were my favorite and always remind me of my sweet Aunt Ethel. Thanks for sharing yours they made me smile :) Elaine

Anonymous said...

I love the glasses, you've discovered "swanky swigs"! I have quite a few, my kids fight over using them too, they used to have jelly or cheese wiz/spread in them, but they can be ice tea size glasses too! One of the first things I look for at an antique store, someone selling odd ones cheap!

Sandie said...

Loving those Swanky Swigs! They look great with that beautiful blue sky behind them! ;)