Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vintage Valise

I picked this lil' beauty up last Saturday for seventy-five cents. Now, you might want to know why I'd want the little zipper bag that smells like mothballs that belonged to a dear little ninety-year old not too long ago (her nieces were selling her estate...they told me how old she was).

Well, because I happen to like vintage, and I happen to think that this will match my Sally....I just had to get it. You see Sally needs to have her own flashlight, set of jumper cables, and her own set of wrenches, screwdrivers, chamois, all that junk that you need in your trunk....just in case.

And, I happen to think this valise, aired out on my porch for almost a whole week, (she smells MUCH BETTER now!) will fit the bill perfectly, because she matches my Sally very well! And this will look super in Sally's lil' plaid trunk. (Yes, her trunk is lined in plaid! )

Now, I'm on the hunt for Sally's own vintage cooler and a couple old camp stools. I already have the picnic basket, I'll have to show you that sometime: it's green, too! Here's a shot of Sally....before she got her own valise. Sally is almost ready for a lil' road trip!


Kelly Bergsing said...

Old suitcases have so much more style that they do now. I love the plaid!! :)

Bella Della said...

I am drooling. I didn't realize you actually had a Mustang. She's beautiful! And plaid- how cool is that.

Ali said...

Oh how perfect! And she is just gorgeous =)

Mary said...

I didn't realize Sally had a plaid trunk. Your new find will make her pretty in plaid! Looks like it's time to take Sally on a picnic!

Unknown said...

See Sally's style! Look, Jane, look! See Sally go. Go Sally, go!