Saturday, May 2, 2009

Three Front Doors = Three New Wreaths + One Burn

I just spent some time out in the garage with the hot glue gun and oldies on the stereo. The tunes were disco and stuff like the BeeGees, Saturday Night Fever (oh, yeah!) and Michael Jackson, so I danced a little as I worked on some wreaths to hang near each of our three front doors (we used to have four but removed one when we added on to the house). I've always wanted to have three similar wreaths for the seasons, but since buying three done by a florist would be crazy expensive, I finally, after about fifteen years of "thinking about it", took the plunge, bought the supplies and made the wreaths for spring/summer seasons.

(Whew! That glue is HOT when you mess up and glue your finger. YOWZA! I finally went and hunted down some cowhide gloves...I think my index finger on my left hand will be sore for a while.) In spite of the fact that I barbequed my finger, I got all three wreaths done, started them at 10 p.m. and was done by 11:30. I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out. I've got most of the mess cleaned up and will go get the shop vac out tomorrow and get all the debris off the floor --grapevine wreaths are MESSY!

For my wreaths, I bought three little stubby garden tools in the Dollar Spot at Target to use as focal points: they came in primary or pastel colors, in case you're interested. They had little rakes, shovels in two shapes. I bought primary colors, and then immediately hopped over to Michael's while I was in the mood for crafting, and got three grapevine wreaths and some yellow daisies and little red flowers. To complete it all I bought wired red gingham ribbon. I think they'll look nice on the old farmhouse. (I have a sister who is a "professional" florist and it's intimidating to take on something like this when you know what really professional work looks like!)

It's one of the first times I've been crafty on my blog, so I just had to share with you...and I was inspired by Shanda at Front Porches, Sweet Tea & Old Aprons...she bought a gorgeous wreath not too long ago, and the focal point was an adorable mini vintage-style bicycle...her wreath can be seen here! Thanks, Shanda, for the inspiration! That cute retro bicycle made me think that these little garden tools would look great on a wreath!
To close out this post, I thought I'd share a poem off my May calendar page written about...
God, give us eyes to see
The beauty of the spring
And to behold
Your Majesty
In every living thing,
And may we see
In lacy leaves
And every budding flower
The hand that rules
The universe
With gentleness and power.
--Helen Steiner Rice--


Sue said...

Nice job with the wreath! I too saw the cute wreath with the bike and have been looking for a bike just like it to add to my wreath! Take care of your poor fingers. I question if I will ever be able to leave descent fingerprints after all of my hot glue gun burns. I started using a hot glue pot and for some reason I don't seem to get as many burns with that.

Eclectic Chic Style said...

Your wreaths turned out great!!! Omgosh, those hot glue burns are the worst, I actually have a scar on my finger from the one while working on the Pink Princess' school project. Ouch, so sorry, but the wreaths are adorable!! Gotta be careful when gluing and dancin'. lol
♥ Teresa

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Beautiful wreaths, well done! First time visitor and enjoying your blog.

Donna said...

How cheerful and pretty! Great job!

Ouchie on that hot glue gun! I use low temp guns and keep a little glass of water nearby in case I get some hot glue on my fingers. Yeah, I'm a weinie about burns, LOL!

I got the little coloring book and crayons yesterday!!!!!! Heehee! I haven't had crayons in ages and ages. And there are several drawings that I can use for stitcheries - including some bunnies! Thank you so much for your sweet giveaway gift!

English Cottage in Georgia said...

LOL! I am finally back to your blog. I went to see the bicycle wreath at your link and continued to blog surf - about a lack of focus :-).
Your wreaths are beautiful. And so creative so late at night - I am impressed. I tried crafting this year and yes that hot glue is REALLY HOT!
Enjoy this blessed Sunday :-)

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Your wreaths are just adorable and so much more cheery than ones from the florist! On the hot glue, you might find a glue gun that does not get so hot, yet the glue works just as well. Hobby Lobby and such should have these. Loved the pretty poem. blessings,Kathleen

Marydon said...

What gorgeous creations, very bright colors that will add magic to your home.

Yes, the hot glue can burn & be very painful for a good while ... hope you heal quickly.

I love designing wreaths for our home, also.

TTFN ~ Marydon

Anonymous said...

Hi, thank you for your really kind comments which I loved reading! Your wreaths are lovely, especially near the blue of your shutters. They don't really "do" wreaths over here in the UK but I have been known to make my own anyway. I really need one now so I better get my hot glue out of the craft basket! You are right, they can be lethal on the fingertips! Hope yours is healing fine.

Sue said...

Sorry about your burn, but you came up with some really cool wreaths! Does "no pain, no gain" apply to decorating? LOL

Have a GREAT week!