Friday, September 16, 2011

It Seems to Me...

In the flyleaf of the Bibles was an American flag and this verse:

"Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people."  
Proverbs 14:34

It seems to me, we were much better off as a country when we allowed the Gideon organization to come into our schools and hand out little New Testaments.

Do you remember the "Gideon Man"?

Usually, Bibles were handed out to the fifth graders in public schools, free of charge.  We were taught about how to treat the Bible and how special it was.  And, we could share the Bible but never to sell it, because it was a free gift to us.  I remember being quite impressed with having my own miniature version of the New Testament.  

Close to 1.7 billion Gideon Bibles have been handed out since 1908.

Do you still have yours?


Deanna said...

I remember well when these men came to our classroom. It has stuck with me all these years. After my Husband's Aunt died and the man that gave me my new testament bible attended the funeral, I told him that I remembered him coming to school and sharing the bibles. Years had passed.

I agree that our country was a better one with God being exalted!

And so we can be the new pioneers sharing the word of God with those we live around and our communities.

God bless,

Carmen at Old House Homestead said...

Hubby and I are attending a Gideon's banquet this evening. How neat that your post was the same day!

Carmen at Old House Kitchen

Erin said...

I sure do and last night at the fair they were handing them out. Was a nice sight to see.


Jen said...

Oh yes we had Gideon men here in Australia too, and my husband and I still have out Gideon bibles.. It absolutely breaks my heart that the public school system in Australia has completely banned all prayer and talk of God as we now consider ourselves a 'multi-cultural' country.. What that really means is we no longer consider ourselves a Christian country. What chance do our future generations have..

Kerin said...

It's so clear to me that we, as a nation need to turn our hearts to our Father in Heaven. Live good lives, and God centered lives.

PCovi said...

my boys all got one around 5th grade i think. that is recent years :)
i'm thankful for the gideons.