Tuesday, March 26, 2013

CPAC 2013

Steven Crowder and I.

You often hear Wayne Dupree on Sean Hannity's show, he has a blog called News Ninja 2012.  He is a great guy and after following him on Facebook for years, I finally met him!  
He just taped a Glenn Beck show today!

OH HOW I WISH!  I love the Breitbart News Network.  I visited quite a while at this table.  I also attended the "UNINVITED" panel discussion that was not allowed on the CPAC Schedule--a subject they seem to want to avoid which is the Islamic infiltration of the United States.  That is also on YOUTUBE.

This is Dan Bongino, another great patriot.  If you don't know who he is, look him up on YOUTUBE.  He is a former Secret Service agent that could not keep working for this President as he had in the past.  He left to do something to save this country, and is patriotic in every way, and is a fiery speaker, a plain spoken patriot.  He is going places, I can tell you.  Keep your eye on him!

This sweet girl's name is Paula.  She came from Canada with an American friend to CPAC.  She was raised in Argentina but her family decided to leave when Communism took that country.  She visited quite a while, after she asked to borrow my charger for her phone, so we sat by the outlet for a while.

Paula cannot believe that our country would settle for such a president, and she says our country is going the way of Argentina and giving up our freedom so easily.  She said our country is the only one in the world with a bill of rights, why would we give that up?!  

She told me that if America stays great, she would one day like to become an American, but is extremely frustrated at the direction we are going.  She admires our freedoms and envies them, and wonders why we cannot see the direction our great country is going.  She said one sign we should have rejected Obama is because the rest of the world loves him.

Wise beyond her years.  But when you have to leave your family and homeland to leave Communism, it gives her a special insight into where we are going.

Artur Davis is another great speaker, a former Democrat from the state of Alabama.  He gave a speech advocating freedom and American exceptionalism. ALL SPEECHES LOCATED ON YOUTUBE.

I met my friend Tanya at CPAC, someone I'd known for several years on Facebook, but had never met in person.  We are patriots, writers with defiance in our "pens" -- which is the keyboard.  There are MANY women like us that are giving of our time to the effort to save our nation from the forces of tyranny!

 I even got to meet Col. Allen West.  He is a humble and kind man. 

And Sarah did not disappoint, she gave a barn-burner of a speech, poking the mainstream media all the way through!

Ted Cruz!  Love this man and am so proud of him!  He makes me wish I was from Texas!

Steven Crowder:  you remember him, the guy who got beat up by a union thug in Lansing, MI during the "right to work" legislative fight.  

Ms. Schlafly gave a great speech about the losers that the GOP hands us to vote on. Her age allows her to be a little more plain-spoken I think than someone younger, but I loved it!

RAND PAUL is very popular, this was the week immediately following the 13-hour filibuster which was quite buoyant for Conservatives.  I feel he has the youth vote and that he will be a contender for the presidency.


AND ... I saved the best for last!  Dr. Benjamin Carson!  
He is as nice and humble and kind as can be!  He is the real deal, that is why the liberals hate him so much already!  He signed books for a long time and was the longest line in the place!

ONE NOTE:  There was a GREAT turnout at the convention of young people.  I was very encouraged by that.  Some of the nicest looking kids you'd ever want to meet!


Mary Ann Potter said...

We still have heroes, those who will stand up for righteous no matter what. What wonderful photos. What a blesed time you obviously had.

Farm Road Quilts said...

Bless you Joanie for what you are doing! Please keep us updated. I would love to see YOU run for office!

Anonymous said...

Thank you to you and your family for sharing you and your/their time for a great cause. You sure had some nice people to meet. I sure hope Dr. Carson runs for president.

Echoes From the Hill said...

Wow! You got to meet some fabulous people! I just hope we can turn things around in 2012, in the senate, so we won't be railroaded into a worse situation than we are already facing.
I think we have some good potential candidates for 2016, but it is going to be hard to get a Republican in office if we have any more people on the dole.

Anonymous said...

I innocently did a search for a cake recipe and ended up here. GAH.
A Tea Bagger I'm not.Good grief.

Anonymous said...
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Judy said...

What a fantastic time you had!! I see hope for us, but we've got to get someone who the poor, black and Hispanic will vote for--as they are the majority in our country.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

It looks like a great event with wonderful people; thanks for the update and photos. Recently, I've lost followers and had some folks blast me on MY blog because I gave MY opinions and they, being liberals of course, were intolerant. Funny that, liberals scream tolerance until you disagree with them then the whiny brats cry foul.
Head Slap! ala Gibbs -grin-.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Oh I love that Stand with Rand poster - great media - reminds of of Mad Men or something. Looks like you had a GREAT time!

mary from michigan said...

To the Anonymous commenter who "innocently" found your blog by looking for a cake recipe. Gah! We're not "Tea-Baggers" either. That's an offensive term used by BIGOTS. I'm sure you're a liberal who would claim to be tolerant, just not the least bit tolerant of conservatives.
As you can see, the recipe's here do not contain poison; they're good. Hope you didn't cheat yourself out of a good recipe with your mouth so full of sour grapes.