Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mackinac Island: Getting There's Half the Fun!

Even the first weekend of September you can see the fall color starting here on the shore of the island. The little chubby lighthouse in the background is the "Round Island Lighthouse".
Click on any photo for a better view.

All day long, seven days a week and until nine p.m., these hydro ferry boats schlep people back and forth from the island. It's not a cheap trip, it was about $79 for the three of us, and it's more if you take your own bikes up to the island, but to rent bikes, it's $5 an hour per bike....so beware if you're planning a trip to research the costs associated with an island that is only foot or bike or horse for transportation.

This plume is typical of these big boats that transport people and their stuff to the island for a day trip or for a complete vacation. Kids are thrilled and I have to admit, I run for the top deck when we get on, I love the wind in my hair and the sea spray!

See the freighter in the harbor?

Can one ever be near the water, without trying to skip a few stones? Or taking off the shoes and wading in?

Sunny streets with people in the open air, walking, biking or horse-riding or being pulled in carriages.

The fort sits high above the town on a limestone stone bluff and beckons from the days of the fur traders. Not many important battles took place here.

And off, in the far, far distance, you can see the Mighty Mackinac in the sunny haze.

A view of the town's dock from up on top of the big hill at Fort Mackinac.

And, a parting shot of the Mackinac bridge as we leave the island to head for the car.
For the kids....head over to YOUTUBE and watch Mike Rowe, of DIRTY JOBS paint inside the massive columns on the spans of this bridge.

I hope you enjoyed the photos I've shared with you of our quick summer trip we took on Labor Day weekend. If you ever have the chance, Michigan does have its share of divine places to visit as a tourist.



I want to live there, it is so quaint and just perfectly cottage, I showed it to my hubby and begged him to take me there, LOL!

Donna said...

Just gorgeous!

Mary said...

Did you know that within view of Mackinac island is Beaver Island, which was home to the only King ever crowned in the United States? King James Strange ruled Beaver Island for a time, along with his Mormon congregation. All was fine until he endorsed the use of the split skirt for the women to wear. Two husbands objected, mayhem followed... It's a very interesting, if weird story to look up sometime. The photo's are beautiful. I'll bet it's beautiful now, with an abundance of fall color!

KathyB. said...

What a beautiful place and I want to go there tomorrow!

I will be looking up Mary's info, sounds ...well, strange!

Joy said...

It's beautiful! I've always wanted to visit, but your photos might be the closest I get! Thanks for sharing.