Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Christmas Corners

These are a couple things I threw together last week with the branches Lem cut off the bottom of the Christmas tree. I'm sure they won't last long, I can't water them in these containers, however they add to the atmosphere. The deer that glitter are just a couple dollar store items and the little bulbs thrown in are clearance from Joann Fabric. I hardly ever decorate the same thing the same way twice. I'll be walking by something with the evergreens in my hand and I'll plop them in something that's in my sight that is empty. That makes me a plopper.


Like that word? Plop. Say it again. Plop. Plop. Fun word! Plop. Plopper. Plopped. Plopping. I wonder, would it be legal on the Scrabble board?


That's how I roll, I plop things; so this is what I've got this year and next year it'll be something totally different.


I hope your Christmas preparations are going well and that you have found some time to have a little fun "plopping" decorations around the house. That's really how I do most of it! It's a peaceful time, looking out the window at the snow, watching the birds flit around between feeders, and an ocassional bunny hop across the snow to its next hiding spot between snacking. Inside the house, it's warm and cozy and the dogs are snuggled up napping.
It makes me look forward to the long months after Christmas where we can just sort of enjoy being snuggled in and the whirly-hirly-hurriedness is behind us! May you find a little peace of solitude in your day!

*I apologize for the stars between paragraphs, blogger is having issues today with formatting. Grrr....

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R. W. M Boong Bethony said...

Hello...Merry Christmas, GBU.